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Kopiko Estate


Kopiko estate was planted in 2013 and this is the first offering from this verdant and pristine land nestled at an astonishing 2800 feet above sea level.  In traditional Kona days, the roads only navigated farms that were planted at 1000 to 1500 feet.  Due to this higher elevation, the harvest season at Kopiko is September through May vs the traditional harvest season of August through January.  The days are cooler and the sunnier adding to more complexity and diversity in flavor.  

Kopiko is one of our favorite places to eat plate lunch, talk story with Tom and see Kona from an eagle's eye perspective.  It is also exciting to see the footprint of Kona growing regions expand and reach new elevations.  This varietal is called Kopiko Typica and the process is washed to preserve the natural essence of the land in which it comes from.    



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Grown and roasted in one idyllic origin

Kona coffee is grown on volcanic soil. Historically, volcanoes have been known to leave an embarrassment of agricultural riches in their wake - just look to Mt. Vesuvius’s effect on the cuisine of Napoli for proof.

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Every cup tells a story

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