KCP Kona Peaberry (5# Bag)

The dense peaberry bean costs a more complex taste - of brown sugar, fruit and hazelnut, sourced from a single Kona estate and roasted with prevision in our roastery.  Often times these beans are hidden in smaller sized fruit so upon the first pass in the wet-mill the coffee fruit stays on the bean until it is later washed off.  This gives this bean a fruitier taste that is just so delicious.

Grown and roasted in one idyllic origin

Kona coffee is grown on volcanic soil. Historically, volcanoes have been known to leave an embarrassment of agricultural riches in their wake - just look to Mt. Vesuvius’s effect on the cuisine of Napoli for proof.

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Every cup tells a story

Hualalai Estate

$27 - $52

Mauna Loa Estate

$27 - $52

Konawaena Estate

$27 - $52

Kona Peaberry

$35 - $60