KCP Waikiki Cafe Espresso Blend (5# Bag)

Our take on a blend of coffees that we seasonally rotate in our signature non-Kona espresso in our flagship cafe in Waikiki. The countries of origin for this blend may change from time to time, but currently composed of single-estate coffees from Kona, Guatemala, Colombia and Brazil.  

Grown and roasted in one idyllic origin

Kona coffee is grown on volcanic soil. Historically, volcanoes have been known to leave an embarrassment of agricultural riches in their wake - just look to Mt. Vesuvius’s effect on the cuisine of Napoli for proof.

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Every cup tells a story

100% Kona Espresso

$27 - $53

Kopiko Estate

$35 - $60

Kona Red Bourbon

$35 - $60

Kona Pacamara

$35 - $60